Ways you can find distributor in Vietnam

There are a lot of business opportunities in starting business in Vietnam as it is rapidly developing country with great potential. Using distributor is considered to be one of the most efficient ways to expand business in Vietnam and succeed. Distributors directly buy items from a manufacturer and resell them, mainly to retailers. Generally, it is the connecting channel between the producers and end users. They are aware of many outlets and the fastest ways to reach them; they have wide customer base, good understanding of market and well-organized logistic system. Here are some ways to find distributor for your product in Vietnam and establish strong market presence in the country.
Business directories

There are plenty of directories for your type of product or services. To find right distributor in Vietnam you can use Yellow Pages and World Trade. There you can get information about every distributor placed there and ways of contact them.

Trade shows and fairs

A large trade show can bring together hundreds of distributors and manufacturers in the same place. Attending one can give you a quick idea of the distribution landscape, available options, and industry best practices. You should just monitor a trade show calendar, choose the ones that cover your area of operating and attend it. For example, VIETNAM EXPO that hosted annually is the largest trade fair in Vietnam in terms of attendance and business turnover. Its aim to promote trade cooperation between Vietnam and other countries. The event covers numerous industries: Agricultural products, Food & Beverage, Machinery & Supporting industries, Electric & Electronics, etc. Vietnam Foodexpo is one more option: it includes food industry in Vietnam and allows to find reliable suppliers and partners.
Online sales
Trade associations

A lot of industries have local trade associations where manufacturers, retailers, and distributors can come together. This may be the first step to find a reliable business partner in the particular country. The most popular Vietnamese trade associations include The Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry and The Union of Associations of Industry and Commerce. The first one is an organization which assembles and represents business community, entrepreneurs, employers and business associations in Vietnam. The purpose of the Chamber is to develop and support the business community, promote economic and technological cooperation with foreign partners. The Union of Associations of Industry and Commerce is an organization of businesses and companies in which aim is to develop businesses in Vietnam. You can also use trade associations to learn how other producers sell their products, what distributor do they use, and after that adopt their best practice.

Social networks

You can use Facebook or LinkedIn to find an appropriate distributor for yourself. Joining industry groups, forums, and other professional networks can be very beneficial too. More experienced business owners in your area are often the best source of information. Spend some time to build networks that may help you find the best distributors for your products. Online forums can be a good source of free information as well: you can get help from other people with experience in your market or industry and take into consideration their experience.
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