How to choose and store
food safely

Choosing food and making something to keep it fresh longer is very important. Mindful food storage will save you some time and money: you will get an opportunity to buy products in bulk at lower cost or not letting your food wither away and be pointless purchase. It also helps to reduce food fasting and, as a result, will be good for the environment and nature. So how can you be more environmental friendly and save yourself time and money? Here are some advices to make your products last longer.
1.Store products in reusable containers .
Numerous types of food last longer if you don’t store them in the plastic bags or in the original packaging. Mostly, containers may be convenient and useful for bulk food storage: such as seasonings, spices, confectionery additives, flour, pasta grains, cereals buckwheat, rice, corn, millet, semolina, pearl barley, oatmeal, etc.

2.Cook or freeze meat and vegetables that are on their way out
If you don’t want to throw away your food you can cook something with it and prolong its use for a few days or even more. For example, frying mince can be stored in fridge for another week as well as soup cooked with vegetables. There is also an option to put the products in the freezer. By the way, the fact that freezer kills all the vitamins is myth; proper defrosting keeps all the nutrients in the food products.

3.Store green on paper towels
Paper towel allows to provide necessary level of moisture for greens and keeping it fresh and crisp for a longer period of time.
4.Don’t keep spices near sunlight and heat
Spices lose their flavor and aroma and start to pick up stale taste if the sun shines on them. If you store spices in special cans or on racks keep them far away from the heat of the stove. They can even be stored in refrigerator if there are no more alternatives.

5.Wrap cheese in paper
One of the best ways to keep cheese fresh is to wrap it in porous paper (something like baking paper, rather than cling film) so it can still get oxygen. There is an opinion that it also helps to put cheese in kitchen towel that has some vinegar sprinkled on it as it kills off many bacteria forming on the surface of the cheese. Thus, decrease of their number will keep cheese fresher as it prevents activity and reproduction of those bacteria.

6.Learn about which products should be stored in refrigerator and which ones on the counter
For instance, some fruits should be better kept in the fridge, while other ones preserve all the nutrients at room temperature. The first ones are cucumbers, peppers, and carrots; the last ones are citrus, tomatoes, and avocados. However, some fruits such as apples and pears may be stored both ways.

7.Wash berries and fruits in vinegar
Wash them in a solution of one part vinegar and three parts water before putting them in the fridge. For better cleansing of bacteria and microbes, you can hold it for 5-10 minutes in this solution. The whole secret is that the vinegar will quickly kill germs, so the berries will not spoil and stay fresh for a longer time. If all the solution measurements were done correctly, you won't feel the vinegar taste while eating.
8.Use special items that help product be fresh longer
Ethylene gas absorber, produce-preserving sheets, and vacuum sealer – these items will prolong the shelf life of different types of food. Ethylene gas absorber absorbs ethylene gas given off by fruits and vegetables, which slows the ripening process. Produce-preserving sheets help keep fruits and vegetables fresh up to four times longer. A vacuum sealer can be used for cuts of meat, whole animals, or other bulk proteins; it helps store individual portions safely for a long time.

9.Keep bananas away from other fruits and berries
Firstly, to prevent bananas from going brown you should keep them as a bunch and wrap them up in cling film. Every time you get a banana from a bunch remove the cling film and re-wrap it again. This will help bananas last up to five days longer as it prevents the ethylene in the stalks from reaching the rest of them.
Following all these rules will allow you to enjoy fresh food and be conscious about environment.

Our company cares a lot about quality of the products so we choose only high quality food and store it in accordance with all regulations so that everyone can enjoy fresh and tasty products.