Best Southeast Asia Marketplaces to Sell Products

Southeast Asian region has been showing an explosive economic growth and development during the last years. Simultaneously with this, e-commerce market is expanding as well and contributes a lot to the economies of ASEAN countries. In this article we want to tell you about two most popular Southeast Asia marketplaces in this region and how to start sell products there.


Shopee is a Singapore-based chain of e-commerce websites that is also active in Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, Thailand, and Malaysia. It works in Taiwan as well, and it is now one of the most popular e-commerce platforms.

There was an increase of 102% of gross merchandise value (GMV) in 2020 and increase of about 80% in 2021. With estimated average monthly visits equaled 470 million people and estimated GMV of 60 billion USD, it occupies the first place in this rating.

Initially, Shopee was launched as an app for C2C (consumer-to-consumer) trading. But now it is mainly used by businesses selling their products to customers (B2C).

Shopee offers sellers with its own supply and logistics solutions, and customer service in different languages. Another unique thing that makes Shopee different is that it has a service called “Shopee Guarantee” that provides payment security for both sellers and buyers.

Selling on Shopee is free for sellers with fewer than 100 completed orders. Besides, the platform offers various promotional tools such as live-streaming and social campaigns. The marketplace section is used by small local businesses, while Shopee Mall is mainly for brand owners and authorized distributors. Shopee Mall sellers must sell their products with a 15-day return policy, and provide free shipping or use one of Shopee’s logistics providers. Shopee Mall commissions may vary from 2-5%.

To set up a shop on Shopee you will firstly need to create an account by clicking Sign Up. Then, you will have to add and verify your phone number and email to be sure that account and product listings are visible to potential customers. After that, go to the Seller Center and click on Shop Profile to complete it.

Further instructions are clearly described at Shopee website here.


It is another large marketplace in Southeast Asia that operates particularly in Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore, and Thailand. Launched in 2012, Lazada was the leader in regional e-commerce market, but several years ago was beaten by Shopee. Still, it shows consistent growth and owns a great share in this sphere.

This platform is used by more than 155,000 local and international sellers, as well as 3,000 brands that are serving 560 million clients.

Categories of commodities sold on Lazada range from electronics to household goods, fashion, and groceries. They focus on customer experience, offering multiple payment methods — including Cash on Delivery (COD). They also offer returns using their own first and last mile delivery arm supported by more than 100 logistics partners.

Lazada is made up of 3 parts to its platform:
  1. The marketplace for local sellers. There are no commission fees.
  2. LazMall for brand owners and distributors with a 5% commission
  3. LazGlobal for sellers based in China, Taiwan, South Korea. Japan, and the UK. In Malaysia, sellers in the US, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and the EU are also accepted.

Only the LazGlobal is suitable for international traders with no presence in the country they are selling products to. It acts as an intermediary: products are shipped to Lazada’s own warehouses and then are shipped to the clients.

These are several steps to complete before starting sales on Lazada:
#1 Registration and Document Submission
#2 The Training Session
#3 Get Account Activated
#4 Do the Product Listing

Here you can find more detailed information about all the steps of setting up a shop on Lazada.

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